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I feel like I think a lot about furniture.

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Awesomely and embarrassingly, it appears that GitHub Projects is exactly the tool I was looking for.

Is there a nice (or even horribly hacky) Kanban UI that automaticaly pulls all the open tickets and pull requests from a GitHub org?

Is it wrong that I kind of want a
LM Pepito?

How could I answer anything other than "Yes! Have you made the transfer?"

I know you can’t get us any milk today, but the new catering on ex-Virgin planes is really making for a pretty unhappy travel experience.

Boarded AS1353 BOS-SFO

Woke up, saw an article about Pixel Qi trending on Hacker News.
Opened the article.
The hero image looked really familiar.
Yep, it was a photo I took eight years ago used without attribution in violation of the CC license.

Hey Twitter, who has the best cannoli in Providence?

One of my best friends from high school, a guy I haven't talked to in 20 years, got back in touch today after seeing a tweet I posted. It had 11 likes, zero retweets and two replies. Maybe the algorithm DOES work.

The toddler spent the flight flirting with a girl he met on board. Thankfully, nobody was livetweeting it.

Today is the last day @AlaskaAir’s ex-Virgin crews will be wearing red. It’s also the last day for the old safety video. The cabin crew gave it a proper sendoff. (They said it was ok to film)

Boarded AS1352 SFO-BOS

When you didn’t get breakfast and your flight is in the sketchtastic Terminal 1 instead of the nice, new Terminal 2.

The reason you’re seeing this ad is not available

I’ve blocked enough promoted tweets that I am now getting straight up advertisements that aren’t even tied to a twitter account.

Nothing like falling asleep around 5 am and being woken up at 7 by a malfunctioning smoke alarm.

TFW your toddler wakes up channeling @harper